•  A beautifully hand written letter to President Trump from you!!!
  • The letter will be sent in an envelope that is hand decorated with a classic patriotic touch.  (Postage Included)
  • A copy of the letter will be sent to you.

Only $15.00

President Trump has made us all feel important by tweeting out directly to us about what's really going on in Washington. We can show our appreciation and support for him by bombarding the White House with letters of encouragement .   If he didn't tweet to us, in many cases the media would sweep huge stories under the rug or completely make up stories, whatever fits the narrative they are using to undermine President Trump and his family and administration.  Thanks to twitter the establishment is being forced to show their hand.

To have us send a letter on your behalf in support of our President tweeting his heart out, Click Below!

I love your tweets!

Each order includes:

President Trump has inspired us to think big because he knew when he ran for office that he would be up against unimmaginable corruption, but he did it anyway, for us! I believe he needs to know that we are all behind him on some things that the dishonest media claims are unpopular.  For example, the tweeting may be portrayed in the media as being unpresidential, but we the people happen to love it!  

We know that not everyone has the time to write a letter to the President or a government official everytime they want to let them know they support them on issues... so we will do all of the work for you.  We will make the letters or cards out on your behalf and we will design them to stand out.  This service also has the added benefit of getting people together to send a positive message.  (There are many different kinds of letters and greeting cards that we send out, so see our other pages!)


What really motivates us is that we want as many letters of support to reach the White House as possible.  Please let us know if you need the service and cannot afford it, as we have many sponsors who are looking to help out some less fortunate patriots!

And don't sit this mid term election out!  We need all hands on deck!  We can't allow the left to take back control of ANYTHING, as they have proven themselves either unable or unwilling to govern with any shred of honesty.  They are anti-America.  President Trump doesn't sit out any of these fights, we can't let him down this fall!  Bring at least 2 people with you who wouldn't otherwise have voted!