We are a mother-daughter team from Illinois, surrounded by liberals, so we hear and see the way the MSM can effect the thought processes of people who want to "fit in".  Many of these people will outwardly and openly admit that they are not educated on the subjects of government, politics, economics or business, however they manage to form a fierce hatred for our elected president because he is demonized with the coverage on whatever fake news source they watch.  It doesn't matter where you go, CNN is on the TV everywhere.  The way people feel about this president is largely determined by what channel they get their daily news from.  Unfortunately, critical thinking is a dying concept in many places.  President Trump has captured our hearts and our complete confidence with his genius like ability to solve problems and make things happen.  Donald Trump is likely the only man on Earth with the means and the talent to end the corruption in Washington D.C., which has turned this great nation into a nation of people who feel like slaves to the system.

We have been through a lot in the past decade as a result of the crooked ways of the government under democratic leadership.  While wages stay so low that in most households with two adult incomes money is still tight, because wages stay low and the cost of living is soaring.  We personally experience poverty following Hurricane Katrina, that took years to fully recover from.  For too long, finding work in this country was on the impossible side, however lately when I go out, I see "Help Wanted" signs everywhere.  That is inspiring!  We have been so inspired by President Trump and feel so grateful that he gave up his billionaire lifestyle in order to Make America Great Again!!!!!! The haters have been motivational too!  We want to show the president that we love him and the job he's doing as well as to give other patriotic Americans the opportunity to be a part of this movement.  There is strength in numbers so we are attempting to pool as many supporters of this great nation in a grassroots type of action to bombard The White House with thousands, or even millions of letters, supporting him and his agenda.  We decided from the beginning that we are going to hand write each letter no matter how many we send!  They will also be elegantly done, with an attention getting style, we want to get the attention of our Commander In Chief!!  We want him to know that the polls are not only wrong, they are nothing more than a movie prop in a movie called "Why you should hate Trump".

We love our country and we also love the sentiment that what was broken in this country can be made great again.  We prefer this idea rather than the leftist ideology that seems to prefer to sustain mediocrity.  They use fear to control the masses of people who seem to have lost the ability to form an opinion on their own or even do a tiny bit of research before they let their emotions, (specifically fear), to make the decisions about important issues.

At our core, Americans are great because they have the freedoms to fulfill their whole potential in our pursuit of happiness.  So, out of our love and appreciation for President Trump we have been motivated to reach out to him and to rally others in support of his agenda, and let him know that we approve of the moves that he is making and we are smart enough to see how good he is at dealing with the MSM.  After all, he is doing this for us!!  He was comfortable, but the typical person has been left behind by their government until now!!  What an amazing time to be alive!!  #MAGA