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At Letters 4 Trump we are huge Sarah Huckabee Sanders fans!  Every week day, Sarah attempts to inform the American public on important topics regarding the president.  Without much variation, the MSM asks questions that are specifically designed to bait her into saying the wrong thing on behalf of the White House or President Trump.   The questions are brutal and not designed to inform, they are designed to get an emotional response out of the viewer who is underinformed or uneducated or already doesn't like President Trump.  She always keeps her a demeanor and frankly, she gives them more grace and patience than they deserve.  When I see her taking their questions I can't help but notice that her expression is like that of a patient mother trying to explain to her 5 year old why they can't have a cookie before dinner.  Or sometimes she looks like she's scolding a teenager for something, and she is steady and stern.  I bet she's an excellent mom.  We feel she deserves a letter from us!  

If you would like to have a letter sent to Sarah on your behalf, because you are impressed with her podium talk, just Click Below!!

To Mick Mulvaney

Mick Mulvaney has two roles in the Trump Administration: 

1. Director of Office Management and Budget 

2. Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Every time Director Mulvaney comes to the podium he has a way of obliterating the false narrative of the left in all financial matters.  For this we would like to recognize him for his genius like nature, for reorganizing the structure and purpose in the various government agencies and for being a part of the Cabinet that we can't do without!  To have a beautifully handwritten letter sent to Mick Mulvaney on your behalf praising him for the great work he is doing, click below.    A keepsake copy will be sent to you at home.  Only $15.00

To Sec Mike Pompeo

We see the great job that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is doing for President Trump.  He is a rising star in the administration.  Thanks to his loyalty to America and President Trump's agenda, we are now winning on the world stage.  He is highly effective and he also moves at the speed of Trump, which is the defining characteristic of a good cabinet member.  We want to recognize him for being awesome, and for not paying attention to the snickers of the press.  We love the way he handles the press and the diplomacy he shows when dealing with world leaders.  He is setting an perfect example of what a Secretary of State should be, in the wake of Secretary Clinton who basically sold out America in bits and pieces to the enemy.   To have a beautifully hand written letter sent to Sec. Pompeo on your behalf, praising him for the great job he is doing, click below.  Only $15.00!