Only $15.00!

Only $15.00

On Abortion and Infanticide

We  believe most of us recognize that the law that was recently passed in New York on abortion in the third trimester is absolutely barbaric, and together with the now famous Virginia Governor's comments regarding killing newborn babies, the left is going after the most vulnerable among us.  We can't accept that as ok.  If they can make a law that makes it ok to break another, that is rediculous.  Murder is wrong.  It isn't about women's rights.  It's about human rights, of the innocent children.  We are writing a letter to President Trump begging him not to allow this type of legislation to be passed.  A law should not make murder okay.  To have a letter sent on your behalf on this topic, click below.  

Birthday Cards for a WW2 Vet!!

Recil Troxel is a 92 year old veteran who served in WW2, and he loves to receive mail!  We heard about this and sending mail is our specialty!  His 93rd Birthday is coming up on April 17th of this year which is right around the corner!  To order a birthday card for Recil, which will be homemade and sent on your behalf, along with a keepsake copy that we sent to you, click below.