To First Lady Melania Trump

We would like to honor our First Lady as much as we can, because the press treats her terribly.  She speaks five languages and they have to nerve to make fun of her accent.  She's an immigrant, but not their favorite kind of immigrant which appears to be illegal criminals.  She goes to Africa and touches the hearts of the children and people there, and the press wants to undermine the entire trip by focusing on what she is wearing!  How un-gender neutral of them.  It is obvious to us in the real world that Melania has a huge heart and is extremely intelligent, but do a Google search and you find nothing about her Be Best Initiative to fight cyber bullying, or about her many trips to visit with children.  Just a bunch of speculation about how she may not be in love with her husband and an infinite amount of smut.   We love Melania and we know you do too!

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