The Homeless American Veterans...

We are so glad to finally have a president that cares about us.  He understands that we don't like our money being used to prop up illegal immigrants when we don't even have the ability to keep our veteran heroes from being homeless, disabled, physically or mentally ill.  We are so lucky to have President Trump in the Oval Office, let's make sure we let him know how important this issue is for us because they have done so much for us and the past administrations have not been fair to to the very heroes that give them the freedom to do so many things.  

For generations, a special group of Americans have given their time, courage, well being and even their lives, in order to keep us safe from tyranny and chaos so that we may prosper as a nation.  We have the toughest soldier,sailors, marines, etc.. If this government is in the position that they cannot seem to provide adequate healthcare and housing for our heroes and their families, then they really have no business inviting massive amounts of immigrants to enjoy housing, healthcare, and educations.    

Have a beautifully hand written letter sent to POTUS on your behalf, letting him know that the homeless veterans problem is unacceptable and you would very much like him to attack this problem at the speed of Trump.  A copy of the letter will be sent to you as a keepsake.

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#WWG1WGA = Where we go one, we go all