Have you ever wondered why illegal immigrants received the benefits of welfare?   That really means that tax payers are paying to incentivise more illegal immigration.  Lower income Americans get hit from many directions by this epidemic that is illegal immigration, because they are willing to work for less than the legal minimum wage.  This makes Americans have to work harder all the time while making less. 

The disruptions that illegal immigration causes in our public schools is unacceptable.  There are many problems with this but the biggest problem is that the gangs do their recruiting in the schools because they want to get them brainwashed early in life.

We want to protect our children and their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.   

We need to pass this beautiful country on to our children and grand children, so we need to protect our borders.

This letter to POTUS is for the purpose of letting him know that you are far more interested in the safety and security of your children, then the housing of illegal immigrants who seem more interested in recruiting our sons for gangs then a brighter future for America.  He is absolutely right about the wall, the travel ban, the zero tolerance, and keeping ICE.  We don't want our money being spent to help an infinite number of illegal immigrants, not because of racism or being stingy,but because we love our children and want to protect their dreams and way of life.  (The American Way.)  This is our duty and obligation.

Though it is impossible to know exactly how many undocumented individuals reside in the United States, most estimates are between  11 and 12 million.  The majority of these people enjoy benefits on you, the American tax payer.  These benefits include but are not limited to: health care, housing, education, financial assistance, legal assistance, and food stamps.  Since there are an unknown infinite number of them, how can we provide this?  These people even are encouraged to vote for the very people who are sure to keep this free ride going for them as long as possible.  They want to come accross as having such big hearts that they will give all this stuff away to the needy, but a 10 year old can see that this math equation doesn't work out.  

To have a hand written letter sent to President Trump on your behalf stating that you don't want to have your hard earned money used to support and encourage illegal immigration any more, Click Below.  A keepsake copy will also be sent to you at home.  

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