Kelly Anne Conway is such a wonderful example of a smart woman who has gained everything in life as  a result of her own talent.  Right now, even her own husband is trying to discourage her from doing what is right for this country and by extention, for her and her family.  It's not her fault that her husband has no idea what is really good for him, she is showing that you don't have to have your husband's permission to have a fantastic job!  It is none of the world's business how their marriage doing.  That is something to discuss in private.  It seems that the MSM doesn't know what privacy is unless they are attempting to hide laws they've broken.  They can try to pick on Kelly Anne, but she's too smart for them.  She is too strong for them, and how wonderful was it to hear her tell Chris Wallace that the question about their marriage was innappropriate.  We love Kelly Anne!! To have a letter sent to Kelly Anne telling her that you admire her strength and that you think that she is doing a great job for President Trump, in spite of her husband's public comments, click below.  A keepsake copy will be sent to you at home.  Only $15.00