We have three different services that are all about expanding the minds of the children so they can be more prepared to deal with misinformation.  They can begin early to get involved with their government.  

1.  "Little Letter" to POTUS   The children have the cutest things to say when they aren't being prompted to curse by a liberal extremist.  We encourage children to write their thoughts in the shipping comments which will then be put on a homemade card and sent to the President.  The child gets a copy in the mail at home as a keep sake.  This is just like regular Letters 4 Trump service, just for kids.    $15.00  (as usual)

2.  Voter Education   We are offering an autographed copy of a wonderful book by author Carla D'Addesi, who is a great patriot and Trump supporter.  This children's book is called, "Julia Learns How To Vote Wisely"  and it's great for all grammar school age children.  The book is $15.00 including tax and shipping.

3.  Reachout!!  We would like to offer these services in person with small groups of children in conservative communities.  We are going to select 3 groups of kids, we will come to you, (Only in the Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin for now), and we will have the children sit for a book reading, they get to keep their own signed copy, and then they get to create their own card to send to the President.  We will allow plenty of time for them to ask any questions they may have, and every one will learn from the event.  We are asking that you email us at letters4trump@gmail.com and tell us where you are hoping to do the get together, and let us know that you have 4 to 8 kids who you would like to have this event with.  This will be sponsored by other great patriots, this is a free service that we want to provide for the children who need to have a more positive experience in being patriotic.  The "Pledge of Allegiance" is still important!!

The Children Want To Get Involved!!!

Our children can tell how excited we are about our President!  They are exposed at school to an aweful lot of contradictory information about President Trump.  They are naturally going to be confused, and we think that we can help!  How wonderful would it be for them to get out on paper something like, "Dear President Trump, My text book at school says that people who love you are racists, but I love you and I'm not a racist.  I wonder why my text book is so full of lies?  Can you make them stop being so mean?"  This is how the children of conservatives feel.  Writing things down reinforces their confidence in understanding their own feelings.  It's time for us to protect them from the lies by educating them.

Little Letters 4 Trump

To order a "Little Letter" Click the picture of the flowers to the right.  This is only $15.00 and includes the keepsake copy for them at home, and kids love getting mail.  There is also a chance that someday the President will write them back!  Remember to have them put their comments and thoughts for POTUS in the shipping comments!!  

To have a signed copy of "Julia Learns How To Vote Wisely" by Carla D'Addesi in cluded with your keepsake copy, click the book to the right.  This is a great book!! Only $25.00 for the book and the letter combo!