Senator Lindsey Graham

In the beginning, Lindsey Graham was a "Never Trumper".  He even called President Trump a "Jackass" on TV.  However, I am so pleased with the support he has shown to POTUS since the State of the Union Address, that day the stronghold that the deepstate had on many Republicans was taken away from them forever.  The blackmail that had many of them opposing President Trump was null and void, after that, they fell in line behind their brilliant leader and everything changed.  Lindsey Graham has been magical throughout Judge Kavanaugh's entire comfirmation hearing.  It's like he was activated for this specific purpose.  He has amazing heart and I really feel like he is one of the good guys who always wanted to do the right thing for the people but was compromised early on in his career.  We want to thank Senator Lindsey Graham for being brave and taking the side of the good guys, where he belongs.  WWG1WGA

During an interview on Fox News while referring to the Democrats' performance during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings Senator Graham said, "If this is not the bottom, God help us all."

To have a beautifully handwritten letter sent to Senator Lindsey Graham letting him know that you appreciate his handling of the Kavanaugh hearings, especially the remarks he made during the whole Christine Blasey Ford thing, click below.  This takes bravery and we need him to keep it up!

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To Senator Chuck Grassley

We have been noticing that Senator Chuck grassley has been a wise leader, giving the Democrats enough rope to hang themselves, all the while disguising it as patience.  While he is patient, he is obviously letting them show jut how low they are willing to go....

To have a letter sent to Chuck Grassley etting him know that you see his wisdom and are learning from his wisdom, click below.  #WWG1WGA

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To Senator Susan Collins

We would love to send bundles of support letters to Senator Susan Collins of Maine for boldly and methodically speaking up for Brett Kavanaugh.  As a woman, she had to know that it would drive the feminists against her, but she did it anyway because it was the right thing to do.  We can all learn something from the amazing speach she gave to the Senate floor.  To have a beautifully handwritten letter sent to Senator Collins on your behalf,click below.  She needs all the support she can get because the left is surely going to go after her.  As always, a keepsake copy will be sent too you at home.