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It's nice to know that the President of the United States is finally someone who cares about the important issues.  We want him to know that we see how much he cares, and we see how hard he is working for us!  Nobody can even keep up in Washington with the pace of the "Trump Train"!  

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Heart To Heart

The 2nd Amendment was intentionally and thoughtfully included in the Bill of Rights because our forefathers had wisdom and knew that it is imperative that the citizens not be solely reliant on the government for protection.  They were wise enough to know that law abiding citizens need to be armed to combat personal physical harm.  In almost all cases, when someone bad is going to carry out a violent crime, they do it where and when they believe law enforcement to be absent as well as any other armed person.  So it makes sense that we should want our good guys armed as often as possible.  The bad guys aren't adhering to laws so more resitrictions on guns will not help us with the gun violence issue.  Chicago is a great example of what happens when the bad guys have guns more than the law abiding citizens.  The police can't even enforce the laws that they already have.  After every tragedy the Democrats come after our rights, and we love that President Trump is in office to defend our beloved 2nd Amendment.  Without that there is no insurance for our freedom.    We are sending letters to POTUS thanking him for fighting for our guns!  

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Only $15.00