To Representative Jim Jordan:

We can't express enough, our gratitude to have Representative Jim Jordan in the House of Representatives.  He has had the courage to seek and expose the truth for the American people.   He is a real threat to the deep state, and they know it.  We fully support Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House!  We feel a certain lame duck/ two face vibe in our current speaker.    Do you think anyone else would be better?   

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We absolutely back Representative Jordan!!  He needs to know that Americans appreciate the sacrifices he is making so that the American people can learn the truth.  He is another hero of this great time to be alive and it is thanks to patriots like him that we are seeing the swamp being drained.  

To Rep. Devin Nunes

We applaud Devin Nunes for letting the truth lead him to the road of the Trump supporters.  He has publicly stood up for the truth, and he continues to fight for the truth.  He's has been a driving force in shining light on where the real Russian collusion is going on.  He's a real Patriot and we are lucky to have him on the Trump Train.  He stood up for POTUS when it wasn't easy!  He rallied up his colleagues to look at the truth with him.  To have a beautifully hand written letter sent to Devin Nunes on your behalf thanking him for his courage in the pursuit of the truth, click below.

Only $15.00