If you are a teenager who would like to organize a group of your friends to discuss matters like the Bill of Rights, that would be something we would be glad to provide materials to you for.  Reach out and ask, we will put together some fun research material for you.  Email requests to us at letters4trump@gmail.com 

Let us know how many are in your group and we would also love any of your suggestions of other related topics that you may be interested in.

We can provide some research material for:

The Bill of Rights

The Constitution

Republican vs Democrat(a comparison)

As you approach adulthood, you will be voting in primary, general and presidential elections.  We would like to help you decide what kind of voter you are by giving you the kind of information that is so important to understand in order for you to form your own opinions.   As much as we love President Trump, we want to give you general information about what these terms mean.  Terms like: Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, independent, socialism, fascism, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, government, etc....  We don't want to influence who you vote for, just teach you about what these political ideas are all about.  

These things are easy to understand when a person is free to ask questions.  We would love to answer your questions with easy to understand examples.  The best part is that there will not be a quiz on this, at least not until you go to the voting polls!

Since pre teens and teenagers have a special place in childhood while at the same time are part of the path to adulthood, we would encourage them to take part in both the kid's and regular services we provide.  The young hunter may be interested already in the 2nd Amendment.  The future politicians may be interested in all of the issues by the age of 12.  These years of your life are going to be full of change and learning.  The way you learn and also contribute to your society will vary greatly from person to person.  While your peers are playing video games, why not get ahead of them by thinking about how you really feel about the difference between right and wrong and stand behind what you think is right.  If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.